Disco Dandiya! Dy-no-mite!

“What? What’s Bollywood? What is this movie?”
My sister has always kept me up to speed with the current trends. It was maybe five or six years ago when she was home on her break from University and I walked into the living room with the movie Bride and Prejudice blaring on the t.v.
“It’s Bollywood,” she repeated.
“Meh. Looks like stuff I hate. More musicals. Random singing and dancing… This dialogue is terrible!”

Fast forward to 2011 when I’m shaking my bum happily at DJ Prashant’s Bollywood parties in Seattle. I’ve learned some bhangra moves (shake your shoulders ’til they bleed) and now we’re up for learning dandiya this coming saturday, October 15th at Chop Suey. Doors open at 9pm and dance lessons begin at 10pm.

So what’s dandiya? My professional opinion is we get to play with sticks and our neighbors’ sticks. *grins* Or you could just watch the video below to see for yourself.

Drunk people and sticks? It occurred to me it might be a bad idea too but DJ Prashant’s parties are full of awesome, respectful and most importantly, FUN people! I have never had an issue at one his parties like I have at other events. There is something truly awesome about the energy in the room.

And you should definitely show up early rather than later. At 9pm the party kicks off with a guest, DJ DeKilla. He hails all the way from Pune, India (whadup west side! Does anyone else get as geeked out as I do that we can mingle from people half around the world in our own back yard? I can’t help it. It tickles me this is even possible). After taking the serious study/career route, he decided to grace us with his passion for music via DJing. I studied music in college. It took me a long time to appreciate the art of DJing but now that I have I always ask people why this form of musical expression?

He said he always wanted to “share the love for good music with people around me.”
My favorite thing about music is that it’s universal. I chose to share my love for it by performing with an instrument; others play their favorite songs and wrap them up together. It’s all about the love, baby.

My oh my have I come a long way from what I originally thought about Bollywood music and DJs. Now, I’m having the time of my life at these parties. I can’t stop dancing. I ache the next day. I ache that night. I ache so bad I have to soak myself in the tub before heading to bed. That’s how much fun I”m having. If you haven’t made it out to one of these parties I suggest you give it a shot.

Oh and one last thing I thought was an interesting sync up. All my dance upbringing is from hip-hop music. Those moves totally fit with Bollywood. That also tickles me. *grins*


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