Kicking Off The Fall Season

Fall isn’t popular with Seattlites since it means Winter is looming around the corner. That means hardly any sunlight. They’re very sensitive about their sun. Summer was rather short this year. Meh. I say we’re still getting some decent weather. It was so bright out today! A perfect precursor to perfect Fall days!

Tonight I went to dinner at Nijos (a hip Sushi bar with AWESOME drinks and a fabulous Happy Hour menu. Great bartender, good drink choices, great sushi; it’s a win!) when a friend told me about the PUMPKIN BEER FESTIVAL! YES. A beer fest completely taken over by pumpkins. They are going to tap .. pumpkins and pour beer.. out of pumpkins. PUMPKINS! Fall is wonderful, people. It’s happening Oct. 8-9th and an Elysian Brewery event; which happens to be my favorite place to hang out.

You know what ELSE is lovely about the fall? BOOK SALES! Friends of the Seattle Public Library are having their infamous book sale THIS WEEKEND!!!! I completely missed it last year but this weekend I am going early with my own boxes ready to load up (This is advice to heed; SPL has an amazing book selection and they’re all only $1-2. I’m a book hoarder, i.e. I’ve-been-steadily-building-my-own-library-and-its-my-little-girl-dream-that-still-survives-so-let-me-be-a-greedy-person-about-books), THEN I’m going to the Tomato Battle to drink beer and throw, ya know, tomatoes. This Saturday is going to be awesome. It’s the perfect way to kick off the school year! Still want to go to The Tomato Battle but hate the ticket prices? No worries man, me too. So type in “JAI HO” to get a 40% off discount! It lowers the ticket price to $35ish. Sweet!

But maybe you’re not so down and dirty like myself. Maybe you like a little more classy classiness or poshie poshiness. No sweat. Got you covered. Bellevue Collection is having a fashion show Sept. 28-Oct. 2. Click here for tickets.

2 Responses to “Kicking Off The Fall Season”
  1. Emil Ceron says:

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  2. Sharron Jolly says:

    nice work, love your design, suits the page well 🙂

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