Tomatoes, DJs and Beer!

Oh Seattle! I am so excited for the Tomato Battle next Saturday! There will be Hot Tomatoes (lovely ladies) and a Hot Tomato Queen who gets to start the entire battle! Next year, I am definitely going up for that title. Who doesn’t want a Tomato Queen Sash?! Good luck to the contestants. So what is the Tomato Battle? You drink beer and throw tomatoes at each other. It’s pretty simple. Oh wait, I almost forgot to mention there will be live music!

AND there is a fabulous 40% discount going on courtesy of Prashant’s awesome PR Guy, Kishor Panikar! Just type in “Jai Ho” to apply it.

Btw, if you don’t know who Prashant is, shame on you. He’s a fabulous DJ from Mumbai spreading Bollywood Love via music. He also kinda convinced me DJs are a musician of their own kind. I’m a tough cookie to convince. So what I’m sayin’ is he’s GREAT and you should come dance with us tomorrow night at Chop Suey to Bollywood music. Also India’s #1 Girl DJ, DJ Rink, will be there to spin. All of this starts at 9pm. Tickets are only $10 until 10pm and then the price goes up after that. Buy your tickets online here. Virgos born in September get in for free until 10pm!

Also there is a Greek Fest going on this weekend! It makes me feel a little homesick. Not because I’m Greek but because Toledo, OH does very few festivals well but the Greek Fest was kind of a big deal in our town and I miss it.. so It’s nice that one is happening here this weekend.


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