Freakin’ Blue Angels

Damnit! Blue Angels! Every time, you scare the crap out of me. Last year I lived in the CD (Central District) and it seemed they were flying over my apartment every 5 minutes. That’s likely an exaggeration. I do love airplanes. I think they’re something like miracles. Every time I get on one I geek out like a little kid. “OOOh!!! The power of the engine! Check it out! We’re waaaay up high! Higher than BIRDS!” So I love planes but every year the Blue Angels drive me nuts. *sigh* *smiles*

But I’m giving a big welcome to the sailors in town!! Last night I directed a group of drunken sailors (hardy har har) to the nearest bar. They were completely in the wrong section of town. It was nice to see them partying in our fair city. I fully plan to enjoy Seafair at some point this weekend.

My Starbucks people and I were discussing the joys of dancing this morning. They asked me why I was so happy and I said because it’s Samba time! I have unrealistic hopes of being a Samba Queen. *laughs* I just want to wear the head dresses and samba all day long! How fabulous would that be? I love to head down to Cellar’s on 1st Ave in Belltown for their samba nights on Thursday. They have a trio play and they’re always fabulous. Always late but always fabulous. It gets packed!

My recent new restaurant discovery is Table 219, on Broadway. Their bacon melts in your mouth. It is incredible! I’ve never tasted anything like it before! Not to mention they have fabulous coffee cake and everything else looks divine too. I’m always tempted to get their country fried chicken for breakfast but I just can’t convince myself *laughs* One of these days I will since I love it (Southerners grow up on it).

Another fabulous little spot is on Pine & 14th. Spinasse’s renowned chef opened up a bar next door called Artusi. I drank wine that taste like Chocolate (though not to be confused with chocolate wine). I did not recognize any of their wine varieties! They  have quite an unusual selection (for American bars). It’s a little on the pricey side but it’s fabulous. They have food too. I tried a cold mushroom/egg salad thing. It was mostly mushrooms. It was good but not my cup of tea, really though I ate it all. Their tuna balls were to DIE for!

Sorry this is so brief and spastic but I haven’t written in such a long time and I wanted to throw something out there!

Man I can’t wait til they fix the lights on the Bobby Morris Field. I miss laying in the sun on astroturf. Warm and I don’t have to worry about wet grass spots all over my pants.


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