Let Freedom Ring

So did you hear about that terrorist plot? Yeah. I heard about it in the most awkward way. From a friend back in Ohio. Yeah. I should watch the news but I’d rather read. No, I’d rather listen to the news on the radio which is when I would’ve been informed had I not randomly called my friend back in Ohio. They were talking about it on NPR this morning.


Also, have you heard the parents in Canuckistan who were all about not inflicting gender identity issues on their children via society.. and also use the media to spread their message? I thought they were protecting them? Shouldn’t they have just waited until after the kiddos had been through this experiment. Hm.

I realize I am the type of person who could be seen as someone who would fully support that.. but I don’t think removing people from society does much good. But hey.. I’m not a parent.


IT’S GAY PRIDE WEEKEND!!!!!!!!! Last year I missed it and I was so bummed! I’m so glad I stayed on top of it this year. I’m celebrating with an Argosy Cruise tonight on the Royal, not sure what I’m doing tomorrow but Sunday I plan to see Hedwig and the Angry One Inch at the Crocodile! I don’t know if it’s all of the ticket money but at least some of it is going toward the “It Gets Better Project” developed to support LGBT kids across the country.

Look, Seattle is pretty cool and supportive and being gay in today’s society is not news but it is still incredibly difficult for teenagers around the country. I grew up in the South and the Mid-West and while I’m not gay I am quite familiar with what’s said behind closed doors. Support is greatly needed.

I just love a city that celebrates people’s differences. Yeah, yeah, I know.. We have too many festivals but shush! People are so grumpy in the winter and most of the year so let ’em be silly and happy.

I’ve been thinking about civil rights and societal progress. We have it better than our parents but we have a long way to go, don’t we?

Also, I was just thinking that Seattle has the greatest build up to Independence Day in just a little over a week. SlutWalk, Pride Weekend AND the International Beer Fest (July 1-3) all within two weeks. Well, that’s the way I would want to celebrate freedom but to each his own.

Expect Photos through the weekend!


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