Photographers, Get Ready

to ruuumbleee!
It’s not a rumble. I just wanted to get retro on you. So, there’s a 24 hour photography kick off this weekend starting tomorrow night at 6pm until the following day (duh), June 18th at 6pm. You don’t need to be a real photographer either, I suppose.. just a person who likes to take pictures. Anyone? How fun would it be to take lots of pictures for 24 hours to raise money for photography programs with people around the world joining you too? Fun! I wish I had a little more notice for this or I would have done it but already I’m planning to do the Blogathon for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate Association-volunteers who make sure foster children don’t fall through the cracks of the system) this summer.

Click here for information about the Photography 24 Hour Challenge  (Called “Long Shot”).

There were riots in Vancouver after THE GAME don’t you know? That’s all I’ll say about it 🙂

According to the Seattle times, not only have we hit low interest mortgage rates but now they’ve flat-lined. There were fewer home repossessions in May. Yay!


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