A Little Happy, Seattle

I was taking a walk through my lovely city, my lovely neighborhood once again in total awe of my paradise as my thoughts trailed around suicide. Don’t panic. It’s not me. Catchy line though, eh? Seattle is thought of as a depressing city and for good reason. It’s difficult for people who have seasonal depression to live here. We’re famous for rain (i.e. lots of clouds all year round). It was chilly enough I could see my breath in the air this morning (It’s not because my breath is rank: I brush my teeth, thanks :P). I’m still wearing jackets and long sleeves which should change in a few weeks.

Seattle is health conscious, sure, but I think the reason we have so many gyms is because we’re doing everything we can to keep our endorphins up to stay happy.

Surprisingly, we are not the city with the highest suicide rate. The city with the highest suicide rate (as of late) is in good ol’ sunny, Sin City: Las Vegas (I read this in MSN’s Unhappiest Cities in America in the Real Estate section). The first question is, “How many of those people were residents?” I don’t know but I did live in Las Vegas for 6 months. It’s a shit hole (pardon my “french”). I don’t understand the draw to Las Vegas one bit and that opinion was formed long before I ever lived there. Gambling? Lights? Who cares (though the shows are GOOD and that might be one of the few redeeming things Las Vegas has to offer). Everything about that town is false.

Anyway, I don’t know where Seattle sits on the suicide rates list but we’re not the highest on the list and not even mentioned in the article listing unhappiest cities. Though Portland is listed which is a tiny bit surprising. And not so surprising are towns close to where I grew up in Ohio. Well, who wouldn’t see that one coming? 😉


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