Conservatory in Volunteer Park

Broken record. Oh my goodness. Seattle is a Paradise. It’s like walking in my own private forest!!! *le sigh* A forest near mountains and picturesque water scenes. Good grief. Even my Dad likes it here, he reluctantly admitted to me on several occasions. “Bah! Hippies!” I’m paraphrasing my Dad there. He loved it. I didn’t think I’d like Seattle either! I thought there was no way I could ever live in a west coast city but here I am soaking it all up and.. Well, I mean.. do you need to hear me do this again?

So there is this famous park here in Seattle called Volunteer Park. Everyone raves about it. I live about a 15 minute-lazy-walk away from this park and I never went until today. Gorgeous. Simply, gorgeous. There is an Asian Art museum, koi ponds, a reservoir, plenty of room for lounging or ultimate frisbee, pretty good views of the Olympics, and I think I heard people playing tennis.

Plus, they  have a conservatory.
They grow plants from all around the world there. I saw some desert plants from South Africa and Chile, plants found in South American rainforests (including a carnivorous one!), cactus and of course the ever popular Japanese varieties. These are just a few examples that I can remember but there was a lot more. This last photo was of a musical instrument called the Over ‘Lyer that runs on “memorized” vibrations.. I took a photo of the description but it wasn’t good enough so I am doing a very bad job paraphrasing how this works.



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