FolkLife Festival

Henna From FolkLife

Folklife Festival is must experience for all who live in Seattle or are simply dropping by. It is a unique festival. The vibe is so different from any other festival I’ve attended. There is a truly joyful, laid-back spirit there and most of us fools are out there dancing like nobody is watching. There are musicians everywhere you go. I went Sunday afternoon through the evening and was greeted by a young trio: guitar, a singer (the guitarist also sang) and a sax player. The two singers were great. The sax player hadn’t quite found something non-hokey to play along as a side man, yet. A fellow goer said, “Hey at least he’s out here trying.” That person was right. They were out there playing and that’s all that mattered.

Well at least he wasn’t as pathetic as the sax player on Pine who practices his jazz progression arpeggios like an elementary student. The former was definitely better than that, so good on you, kiddo.

But this is the spirit of Folklife! Bad or good they’re all welcome. We all are welcome no matter where we come from, who we are or what we’re exploring we are all welcome at this place. People laugh at each other but they also laugh at themselves. It’s a very good time.

One of the people at my Starbucks and I were discussing FolkLife. He asked what I saw. I told him I was there for the African show (mostly west African music), the Brazilian show and the Turkish show. He said he didn’t know there was so much international music at the festival. I replied, “I’m not all that into American folk music.. I wouldn’t go unless there was a big international scene there.” There’s reggae, there are Thai shows, there is a Balkan fest and many other shows I do not currently recall. Oh, my goodness, and funk. How could I forget funk? I miss it this year, unfortunately. It’s local bands, it’s band from around the nation, dance troupes, story telling/narration and loads of artists. It’s old guys, it’s little boys banging on paint tubs, it’s old hippies, it’s intellectuals, it’s rebellious teenagers (and might I say, I am not pleased to see parents let their teenager girls out of the house in the things I saw. I am no prude but good lord, no see through t-shirts, please), it’s people from all over the world.

It’s Something Amazing…
Something Amazing is a specific thing I say when it represents a collective of the connection and goodness that lies in us all. It’s all I can say about something like Folklife; it’s Something Amazing. See for yourself.

Kid at FolkLife

Capoeira at FolkLife

FolkLife Patron

Northwest Tap Connection at FolkLife

Reggie Miles at FolkLife

Vamola! Drum & Dance Ensemble at FolkLife

Anadolu Dance Group at FolkLife

Anadolu (Pillow Fight) at FolkLife

Sehr-i at FolkLife

I paid too much for a knitted sweater. I can’t figure out why anyone sells sarongs in Seattle. When am I going to wear it? I almost bought one until I asked myself that question. Good thing I did. I ate a gyro with parsley fries then followed by a strawberry smoothie and four petite beignets. It was cold and it threatened to rain but it didn’t stop any of us from dancing, shouting and shakin’ our groove thing.


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