Escape Artists

(Not an) Escape Artist

I watched this motorcyclist make a left onto Summit attempting to get around the “road closed” due to construction. It was, in theory, a smart move to jump on the sidewalk and get around the construction. I tried to do the same sort of thing once though not on a motorcycle. I was a simple Seattle pedestrian. There was construction work on the SE corner where I was standing. I thought I’d cross where there was no construction going on. I mean, there was some tape there but nothing was happening and anyway, I”d just walk around it. The construction guard yelled at me to stop and explained I couldn’t cross north. Huh.. but, there is nothing happening over there. You’re doing all the work over here. I am more in the way over here than being over there.. Well it didn’t make sense to me but he’s the professional.

This dude encountered the same thing.
In their defense, they have to deal with stupid every day. How can they know I’m not one of those people?
Gotta do whatchagottado.

Shame on Forever 21

Guess there’s another protest. What are they up to now? Sweatshops. Yep, the beloved store that just opened up is a company that doesn’t pay their workers minimum wage. I’m guessing their workers are illegal. I don’t know that for sure but I do know Americans. Americans don’t work for less than minimum wage (and it’s arguably not happening even when they ARE paid min. wage). And people are wondering why we need to make illegals, legal?

Personally, I say the problem with illegal immigrants are too big to send everyone back to their birth-nation. It costs too much money, honestly. We don’t have it. What we should do is make them legal, make sure they’re protected where they work (and this would make the market be more responsible) and tax them just like everyone else. Civil rights + a few money issues could be handled with this kind of thinking. Perhaps there is a lot I don’t see that’s too complicated but from where I’m standing this is the solution that makes the most sense. I’m not saying it would be easy. It would take forever because details are tedious and people are stingy but.. this could solve a bit of our problems..

I’m a capitalist through and through but I’m also disgusted with the lack of business ethics being exercised lately. Liberals keep complaining about the tax breaks given to large corporations and while I’m all for the tax breaks (fiscally/business wise) if ya’ll would stop acting like douchebags citizens would stop complaining about you and attempting to take your money.

If you can’t play nice, we won’t let you play. Geez. You brought it on yourself, honestly. I don’t support this in theory but sometimes it pays to be practical. Stop dicking people out of their money, take them seriously, have some respect and maybe you’d have a little thrown your way too.

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