Just Another Sunny Day

I went to Fry’s last weekend with my boyfriend. We found this REDUCED PRICED item.. Shown below.


$1.50… Is this CAPS worthy? Really?
The kiddos were playing soccer today. or at the rest of the world calls it, Football.
Not to be confused with Americanism of course.

Football in Cal Anderson

They were fun. I was almost run over a few times but it was worth it. Nearly being roadkill to enjoy a sunny day in Seattle is worth it. I laid in the sun for hours. My pants were hot. That hasn’t happened this entire year until today.

Two dudes were talking to each other behind me. One dude had been there for an hour until the other dude showed up and asked, “Has anybody peed here?”
“Nope,” dude number one said.
Dude two laughed and said, “When I was here a week ago, some guy was fiddling around and sort of drunk.. laying on the ground. Then I saw a stream trickling toward me on the ground. It’s rained since then.”

My new favorite coffee shop, Porchlight Coffee and Records, is mentioned in Seattle magazine this month.

Spring in Capitol Hill

A cabbie told me last weekend he took a few girls to Kirkland and on the way over, to avoid paying so much in cab fare, they stripped a little for him. I can’t believe this guy told me this story as I’m in the back of his cab late at night. I’ve not had many weird run-ins with cabbies but that one was by far the weirdest. I was glad to be out of there. Luckily, my glorified college dorm (i.e. my apartment building) has plenty of partiers and they were out late watching this cabbie chat my ear off while I sat in the back befuddled.


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