Fields of Tulips

“How long do you think we’d look at tulips anyway? They’re just tulips.”
Just tulips.
Truth be told, I’m not a huge fan of tulips. They last a few weeks and then die. How annoying. Just tulips. But they were beautiful “just tulips.” The four-hour-beautiful-weather-Easter-weekend-traffic was what my boyfriend and I endured (happily) last weekend. We thought we might’ve arrived too late to see the tulips at their best but as it turns out we had perfect timing. Tourists were only an issue for an hour and we watched the sunset over wide open fields of tulips, grass, cows and barns.

It’s called the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival and it’s located in Mt. Vernon, WA. If you have the time next April, go. This is coming from a person who doesn’t even like tulips.

They were beautiful. They were just beautiful.

By the way, apart from this last one, I’m not sure who took the photos: myself or Mert Sedef. We were taking turns 🙂


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