DIY Torture Chamber Found in Mobile Home

This morning I read a story in The Stranger about a girl who text the license plate number and city of residence to a friend with instructions to contact the police if her friend didn’t hear from her by midnight. Well, her friend didn’t hear from her by midnight and the police were contacted. This young woman who sent the information to her friend was meeting with a man for sexual role-playing. It’s easy to point fingers at her and say what she did was stupid. For me, this story hits home.

Last year I was desperate for jobs. My purse was stolen and with it all of my IDs. Long story short: Companies couldn’t  me because I didn’t have any identification so I was being paid under the table. I responded to a house cleaning ad. I took a bus to his house and text his license plate number, car model, address, the name he gave me and his telephone number to a friend. I knew that what I was doing was dangerous, theoretically, but I had to pay my rent in a few weeks and pride kept me from borrowing money. I would only work for it and I would find a way. Stupid? Yes. You will be surprised by the things you will do to keep a roof over your head and food in your belly.

I washed his walls, floors and windows for a few hours. He gave me a $100. More than I was expecting which sent off alarm bells. I left as soon as possible and was very glad I sent information to my friend. I found the job ad off of Craigslist. Upon meeting him, I did let him know I sent all of his information to a friend and the estimated time the job was supposed to last.

I learned from a friend the best way to prevent an attack is to let your attacker know you are aware and cannot be surprised. Attackers count on your surprise as their upper hand. Take it away and they don’t have much to go on. At least, most won’t take the risk.

The young woman who text her friend the information about the man she was meeting with for sexual role play was tortured. They were suppose to loosely tie her up and use sex toys on her but instead the man took her to a sound-proof mobile home with a DIY torture chamber. He chained her to the wall and proceeded to rape and torture her for three hours. He plucked out her pubic hair, he filled her bladder up with liquid via catheter, bound her breasts, shocked her and many other actions I don’t want to describe. She was lucky she had thought to text the information to her friend because once he was aware of this, he let her go and gave her money. I’m curious as to why he thought $200 would keep her quiet? The police arrested him on April 19.

I’m writing about this to remind you that these events are real. The people that endure them are real. It is not out of your realm of reality. I hope it isn’t, at least. It can happen to you. It can happen even if you were just looking for a job. It didn’t happen to me, thank goodness, but at least be smart about the risks you are taking. What I’m saying is, be careful. Thankfully these events are shocking to us because they are rare meaning it doesn’t happen on such a consistent basis it’s acceptable (like the daily rapes in the Congo-it is accepted behavior there) but it’s a long fight to keep this from happening  more than it should which is never.i


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