Including tonight and tomorrow, you have a little over 24 hours left to indulge in Seattle’s Restaurant Week: 3 courses for $28. I think that’s a happy thing.

This past weekend I tried a sandwich and ice cream at the Husky Deli store on California Ave in West Seattle (near Alaska Jct).  The sandwich was great. The ice cream is no comparison to Molly Moon’s. You’ve gotta go to one of their stores in Wallingford or Capitol Hill. But the Husky Deli place had a fantastic selection of licorice, chocolates, peanut butters, bbq sauces, puddings, breads, wine and they even sell Marmite which is a sticky, brown yeast. An English friend of mine recently asked if it was sold in the U.S. and the very next day I found it at this small little grocery/deli/ice cream shop. Life is funny that way.

The sun has graced us with its presence quite a lot over these last few days! I only wish it were a tad warmer to lay in the sun but soon that time shall come.

The other day a co-worker mentioned she was tired of Seattle’s snobbishness over beer and coffee. “Oh… I only drink micro-brews.” One guy piped up saying he knew someone who only drank PNW beers. Interesting. Maybe I’ve become a Seattle Beer snob too. I love the local micro-brews and recently turned my nose up at Coors Light when my boyfriend ordered it. He said, “It’s easy to drink like water.” My reply: Exactly. Anyway, my co-worker continued to say Seattlites should dare to be different by breaking out of the beer snob mode. I had a reply to that and I”m not sure I didn’t say it.

But.. they are different. To me it’s refreshing people here enjoy something more than Bud Light. Back home, I never could understand how people drank that stuff all the time. It’s gross. It even smells gross. The beer snob problem arises when a person can’t enjoy a PBR or Rainier. Well, I don’t know if wanting better quality is such a bad thing .. I think I’m thinking too much on the matter.

I love Seattle’s snobbiness. I do. Thanks for that, Seattle. Because even the snobs are not snobs here. Not real snobs (just like there are no real ghettos here). Sure there’s the rich snob crowd but mostly the snobs here squabble over quality. I don’t think that’s such a terrible thing to squabble over. If that’s what you have to worry about then I’d say you have a pretty decent life.

This morning I rode on the bus into work at 6:30am passing over one of the bridges into the University District. The Cascades were humbling this morning.

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