The Furry Ones & Other Bus Adventures

Walk or take the bus? Spending the $2.25 to ride the bus 10 or 12 blocks bugs me. It’s a choice of which is more important: time or money? I felt time was a bit more important today so I opted to take the bus and I’m glad I did! Otherwise I would have missed these two little passengers:

Two Little Furry Passengers

The guy with the ferrets spoke to them. “I don’t know why you insist on riding in my hood.”
As the bus began to move, they worked to bury themselves as much as possible in it.

Last week I was surprised by an offer as I rushed the bus: someone who works a later shift at my job offered to let me use his transfer. I said, “Wow!! Thank you!!” He replied, “You’re welcome. I’m not going to need it at all. It’ll expire before I get out of work.” Never under-estimate the kindness of strangers. When I first moved here, I was too poor to afford the monthly bus pass so I saved all my transfers. I collected them over the course of a few weeks. I’m not for mooching off of people or taking free rides but you gotta do what you gotta do. I had very little money and I needed to get around. So I lied. But now I pay for all of my bus fares and sometimes a monthly pass if I know I’m going to use the bus that much. In the end, I gave a homeless man all of my bus transfers. He could at least sell them or use them to get around town.

I never give change to homeless people but I felt I could feel good about giving someone all of my transfers.

Random Act of Kindness: Bus Transfer

Yesterday I sat next to a woman with a miniature version of my purse. She was older and smelled a bit. She talked to herself a lot. I don’t think she was so happy I was sitting next to her so I moved when I could.

I like to move to a seat that has an empty one right next to it. I like to give people space and privacy when I can but there are some days when I choose to sit exactly where I am. Particularly if there is a girl next to me. We gotta stick together and sit next to each other so we’re not stuck with crazy people or flirtatious men. I like lookin’ out for my girls that way.

I can never figure out why it is people do not think to move to the back of the bus when it’s clear they need to. This happens a lot in the University District.

Two days ago a bus driver asked me if I was a professional or amateur photographer. I told him I was definitely an amateur (just look at these photos!). He laughed and asked, “You know what the difference is between an amateur and a professional?” No, I didn’t. “A paycheck.” We had a good time bantering back and forth. I love bus drivers with humor.

You know, we tip baristas, we tip cashiers at the deli, we tip many people but we don’t tip the bus driver. I wish we could.

Westlake Bus Station

I apologize for the lack of updates lately. The flu has gone around and there were battles with my power cord to be had but all is well again and back on track. 🙂

2 Responses to “The Furry Ones & Other Bus Adventures”
  1. peonygirl says:

    April, I don’t get a chance to reply to anything much, but I love your view of the world…well, the NW world right now, but all of it.
    I’m glad I can keep up with you this way.
    Miss you too!

  2. D.O. says:

    Since we’re talking transportation here:

    People-Powered Park Parade & Lewis Park Celebration
    May 21, 2011, 11:30am to 5pm
    WHAT: Bike and walk parade, bike decoration contest, prizes,
    pedal-powered float, tour the future bike boulevard!
    WHERE: Meet at Jefferson Park Playground
    WHEN: Meet at 11:30, leave at noon, arrive at 1pm
    WHY: Celebrate a safe, kid-friendly bicycle and pedestrian
    path on Beacon Hill

    WHAT: Party at Lewis Park! Free food, BBQ, entertainment,
    park tours, and native plant education!
    WHERE: 904 Sturgus Ave S
    WHEN: 1pm to 5pm
    WHY: Celebrate the restoration of Lewis Park Natural Area!

    more here:

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