Beware: Woman READING!

It was blustery and a bit chilly out when a younger man, possibly my age, asked me, “Excuse me. Are you in business or a financial analyst?” Well, I can say that is a first. Normally conversations from men follow more along these lines,

“Well, well, well! Wait a second now, can I ask your name miss?”
“Alright. Let me hear what ya got.” In fairness, I had started to walk away but it was so entertaining for his friends I wondered what he might possibly have to say.
He proceeded to go on about the moon shinning? I’m not sure. It was hilarious and obviously a terrible attempt but every now and then I like to hear the concoction they’re proposing. It’s hilarious. He obviously wasn’t serious since I had just informed him I have a boyfriend. His “pursuit” is therefore, silly.. because it’s clear I’m not available yet he continues. He asks if there is room in my pants.

What is this 1995?
It’s entertaining up until that point.

That actually happened this morning after the not-so-common topic when I’m approached. “No, I’m not in business or finance. Why do you ask?” He informed me he never sees women reading the Economist. I smiled and reiterated I was not in that field. He shrugged and moved on. I walked away with a positive thought. Yes! You’re right! I am a woman reading the Economist! That’s cool. I admit, there is a bit of “cool” factor in it for me. Not because it’s the Economist but because it’s not expected for a woman to read about business news and economics. Still.

How strange.
How strange was my next thought.

I also realized a woman could take that comment wrongly. I really do feel he was trying to pay me a compliment but then I wonder how much of that is my powered by my own reasons.

More surprising is that it isn’t more common in a city like Seattle. It’s sort of known for its braininess. It’s literary tastes and techie people. This is a “smart” city you could say. Plus, small businesses are doing okay here! I’d say they’re “thriving” but I don’t think anyone is thriving in this market. This is a business town! It’s interesting to think of it that way since it’s also known for being very liberal, very democrat which is not really known to be “business friendly.”

Honestly, I’m not sure what to make of this innocent comment made. On the one hand, it shouldn’t be weird for a woman to read an economic focused publication. On the other hand, why do I care? Why does it matter?

I have a business friend who is obsessed with demographics. Possibly he isn’t obsess but he does talk about it a lot. He could tell me where in the world people were from (he loved to guess) and also give me a statistic about their demographic. I have another friend who thinks all of this is hogwash. What does it matter if someone is from Kerala, from Myanmar, if my cabbie was married to a woman he never met before in Somalia, is a southern American female? Does it? It’s interesting to put facts on people. It’s sometimes a bit fun to stereotype them. We see this all the time. The bored customer makes up a story about the people around them while they’re eating.

And a strange man marvels over a young woman is reading about economics.

Who cares?
I guess we all do to some extent. I guess I do. I do if I was partly reading it for the cool factor. Which is a very Seattlite thing to do.

Pip, Pip, Cheerio!

 I snapped the above photo last fall. Thought it was amusing.

In other news, check out this link about a local who published his Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Booking written by a former Microsoft guy. Cheers!

2 Responses to “Beware: Woman READING!”
  1. Better yet, read the Financial Times. Even more obscure. Weekdays only, though — the weekend edition is too much fun.

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