Drunkeness & Reading for the Blind

An Irish student studying at the American University, Kent State University, was offended when he heard someone order an Irish Car Bomb, a popular mixed drink. Rightfully so. He came back to that same bar and ordered a “9/11.” The bartender asked what that was.

The Irish student responded, “Two kamikazes and a Manhattan.”

I first heard that story in Ohio. My polite sister (who is incredibly polite compared to me) told it in Yonkers, New York. I was floored and so was everyone else while they laughed at the truth in the joke. For some reason, this story popped up in my mind today as I searched for cheap covers into bars celebrating St. Patty’s Day (i.e. Every bar is celebrating of course). Seems distasteful to have one on St. Patty’s Day, or ever.

You know the drill. More expensive covers (Kell’s cover charge is $20 for a party that starts at 10am and Fado whose party begins at 7am), overcrowded and loud. But plenty of places are charging half that like the Owl ‘n’ Thistle downtown located on Post Alley. You can pretty much count on any cover being anywhere from $10-20 no matter where you go in Seattle. If you find something cheaper, speak up!

Recap from last year. Tomorrow, don’t admit you’re Irish. Or even tonight. It’s ridiculous.


Tomorrow afternoon, I will be broadcast over WTBBL’s for the Evergreen Radio Reading Program’s airwaves with the Statewide News Program. It’s old news but there’s so much news that it can still be new news if you happen to miss a few stories.

Here’s a little insider info: news articles are not easy to read out loud. They’re not written for that purpose. You wouldn’t believe how many articles (as in a, an, the) are missing, how much of a difference a comma or lack of a comma would have made. I flag every mistake I make while recording. I made 150 or so for a one hour program. At one point I had that down to 95 mistakes on average but it’s been a while since I’ve volunteered at the Washington Talking Book & Braille Library.

It was great fun getting back into it.
Coffee is the worst thing to drink while reading things out loud.
I have a selfish interest in reading things out loud. I love to. If I had kids, I would read out loud to them every day. It’s one of my favorite activities. I’m hoping I will be able to record books and voiceovers at some point. It’s not a lucrative career but it is quite a bit of joy for me.

Tune in on Friday, March 18th, 2011 at 3pm PST.


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