Is there a middle ground?

Labor Union Protest in Downtown Seattle on March 10th, 2011

I wish I had time to stop and get information over what this was about. I found another protest in Tacoma  yesterday. Labor workers protesting Larson Car dealerships. The topic of fair wages is a popular one at the moment. It’s no surprise Wisconsin has inspired more protests across the nation.

June 2004-October 2005 I worked for a company involving unions: Kroger Grocery stores. I didn’t have much of a choice. I didn’t want the union taking money from my pay check but I was 19 and sort of lazy about these things. I signed up.

I worked hard making $6.10/h. The next year I had a .15 cent raise. Whoopee. People hang onto those union jobs for a few bucks an hour. Eventually they make $15-18 in Kroger. Not so bad. Benefits, eventually. Years to get those. Years.

This guy, worked his way up from being a bagger to working in my department of Non-Foods. He was funny, he was cool and lazy. He made $3/h more than myself. It was frustrating to see..

But I am for fair wages. I am for fairness overall. I am for people having steady, stable jobs if that’s what they want. Some people don’t like risk. Security is important but so is not leaning on others to take care of you. Essentially, this is what I have found unions to create but I think unions can be useful for some. I think it’s important for some jobs but not all jobs. Some jobs that involve more danger, need more protection.

Unions are just as dangerous as a Capitalistic market: It can lead to excessive greed.

Be careful.

Isn’t there a middle ground somewhere?


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