Drinking in Solitude, Thanks.

A day off can turn into a day full of personal projects to be done but this weekend I wanted to make sure I had an actual day off. Hence why my curtain rod and curtains are still packed away (and leaning against my living room wall for all to see the work I haven’t done).

The Starbucks on Denny, between Bellevue and Belmont, has options to choose from outside of the usual snacks and coffees: wines and beer. Woohoo! Starbucks! Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about. It was a lazy, sunny Sunday; the perfect preview of spring. Well, with that thunderstorm last week, I guess we can say spring is officially here and can hang you up the most, really.

Though the song is about a broken heart, I was experiencing a disrupt in my solitude. Spring makes people more talkative. I’m all for talkative. I love talking with people. Why just this afternoon I stopped an old man to talk about his camera (my boyfriend is in a conundrum over which to pick for himself and this happened to be in a category he was looking). We had a lovely chat! But we were out. I was walking home and he was taking pictures. This is inviting.

This past Sunday, I was enjoying my solitude wrapped in a book with a glass of wine and a plate of cheese.

Until this fellow sat next to me and then asked me if I believed in Christianity? No. Not one bit, I told him. He then went on about conspiracy theories. Was he crazy? Was he high? I truly don’t think so to either of those questions. I think he was a clueless guy, seeking, probing and looking for material for his play (I snuck a peek at the sheets on the coffee table in front of us).

About 45 minutes later I went to get one more glass of wine. I came back, settled in again and he asked, “Why are you drinking alone?”

“I’m not drinking alone,” I told him. “I’m reading a book and enjoying wine.” Geez. Don’t make it into something it’s not. Conspiracy theorists have this problem area, you see.

It shouldn’t be a thing for anyone to have a drink, a glass of wine or a beer while out in public alone. Why is this a big deal? I wanted to try that glass and enjoy cheese and read my book. I finished nearly 100 pages. It was productive and I was having fun being wrapped up in the story.

An ex’s mother who was telling me it was scandalous to drink by herself, at her age in her country. So she does it at home.

You know, it is fine and well to be considerate of others but don’t let fear of judgment trample on your personal preferences. If you like to have a glass of wine, have it and you should have it where ever you like (where it is allowed to be had, legally of course).

Oh and Happy 100th International Women’s Day! Well most of the celebrations were a few days ago and yesterday was officially the day but today I’m celebrating it. This calls for a drink! I am woman, hear me ROAR! Here’s a nice article from the Seattle Times about it.


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