B & O, A Bit Cheeky and a Bit of a Walk

It’s a sign our elected government officials, or one of their sorely underpaid employees, actually pay attention to individual voices. I sent a quick, generic message to Senator Edward Murray to let him know I was in support of Planned Parenthood. I accidentally sent this twice. I received, in fairness, a generic message in reply. Two of them, actually. Except both times my name was misspelled. It’s the first time I have ever seen my name misspelled by anyone other than a 5-year-old and I was glad to see it. Glad to see there are humans responding and paying attention.

Last night I went to the B & O Espresso on Olive & Belmont. Holy moly, there are delicious options for desserts and drinks. Because of B & O Espresso, I learned what a Hot Monkey is: Spiced Vodka. I also learned Bulgaria is apparently very famous for excellent yogurt-in Japan. And our waitress was left with a smart phone, flip phone, limited-range for texting and sending pictures.. It’s also only two-dimensional since my friend so cleverly invented one on the spot.. on his napkin. She was a good sport.

Madison is not a street I usually walk down. It seems like a wonderful area just as you head into downtown. I was in a car so I didn’t see it all but it’s a must check out spot.

Cheeky’s on Jackson in the CD is fantastic. It serves food with asian influences. I can’t quite pin down all the tastes for the sauce they make their wings in but it’s a little sweet, with a little something extra. They brought a bowl of water with lemon in it to wash our hands. They have cream puffs that taste like waffle crisps, my sister says and they serve beer. What could be better? They serve much, much more of course but I’m only thinking of my meal. I should go back sometime. It’s open ’til 9pm everyday.

I also walked past a yard sale, of sorts, on Denny that’s there every Sunday until sun down. I made a deal with the Stacey who was a veteran the E. Denny Way “yard sale.” If she found a way to fix the speakers, I’d buy the record player next week. I hope she fixes it. I hate fixing these things. There’s a Coltrane record I’ve been waiting to break in.

Bobby McFerrin plays at the Paramount Theatre tomorrow evening. He’s the guy who sang “Don’t Worry Be Happy,” but he’s disgruntled about it and I can’t blame him. The man sings instrumental masterpieces as fluid as drinking water. There are very few vocalists in the world who have the natural abilities he has.. Though the annoyance is understandable, I do hope he is happy about the silly, pop song he did years ago. It made him famous and it’s a good tune.

I’m purchasing the cheapest ticket I can find tonight. Well, I don’t have to see him up close to enjoy him. It’s a wonderful advantage to music.

One Response to “B & O, A Bit Cheeky and a Bit of a Walk”
  1. dan rapson says:

    Hi April, Bobby McFerrin is the son of an opera singer dad and I am not sure of his mother. He has an interesting story, heard it on NPR and smiled. Glad that you can see him and listen to a wonderful instrument-his voice.

    be well; peace…dan

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