The Day She Became a Seattlite

“Man, it’s cold outside!”
“Tell me about it! The wind is making me cry every 5 seconds.”

A customer behind me says, “I don’t want to hear you guys complaining. I just came down from Mt. Vernon where it was -13 degrees.”
“Oh I’m not from here.”
“Me neither.. Where are you from?”
“Really?! Me too!”

I was caught red handed complaining about the weather with the Starbucks cashier and then dodged the accusation by defensiveness.

It’s official. I’m a Seattlite. You caught me.


Happiness comes in all sorts of shapes in moments you’d never expect. Sometimes it happens over cheap beer, a good smoothie, unexpected snow, acknowleding a stranger’s presence, offering to hold the door open just a bit longer for someone else, the surprise on another’s face over thoughtfulness when maybe you had been thoughtful out of habit, happy moments almost always happen over good coffee or tea, an umbrella offered when there is only one more block to go to a dry heaven and sometimes happy moments happen over a good yell when people hit each other.

Yep. I watched my first full-on UFC game. It was gross but it was fun to hear everyone yelling.

Some guests and I agreed it’s better people are into consented fighting rather throwing Christians to the lions. It’s all about progression, you know?

Thanks for the blood, guts and glory. *smiles*

But some of my happiest moments happened while sleeping. Never under estimate a good rest and all the elements it takes to have one. It was a great weekend.

One Response to “The Day She Became a Seattlite”
  1. Seymour says:

    It has probably never been “minus 13 degrees” in Mount Vernon.

    That’s only 60 miles up the highway, ON I-5 !!!

    Even -13 celcius (Canada temps) would be 8.6 F … and that is unlikely too!

    “Mount” Vernon is by no means a mountain (just in case you want to know)

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