Seattle Central Community College Gets an Overhaul

This afternoon, I happened to catch wind of Seattle Central Community College’s renovations. They’re pairing with an energy efficiency and renewable energy company called, Ameresco. So what’s going on? Ameresco fronts the costs for inspecting and installing the updated and energy-efficient equipment to operate Seattle Central CC. Then SCCC pays Ameresco for the costs it saves from updating the old to the new. Pretty cool little program called Energy Saving Performance Contract (ESPC). It means the school itself doesn’t actually save money to begin with but eventually it will. Very cool stuff.

There is more information about funding and costs, here. I’m happy to see businesses working to make these changes affordable. See? This, from what I understand thus far, is the way to make changes. Don’t increase spending, manage it. Thanks for being responsible and thoughtful, Ameresco.

Recently, I ran into someone visiting Seattle from Miami. He mentioned the “green” differences he saw here compared to Miami and how inspiring it was to him to make a change in the way he lives, too.

Regardless of what you think about Global Warming, these are good habits to adopt.


Spay your pet for free at the Seattle Animal Shelter
when you schedule an appointment for February 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th or the 28th.
Licensed pets only, of course.

Sunset Down Boren Ave.


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