Morning Walk through Central District

16th & Madison: On the brink of Central District & Capitol Hill

Downtown can faintly be seen in the background. Apart from a bit of ice, snow for one night and a quick hailstorm I have yet to see this terrible, awful, very bad, no good winter Seattle supposedly has. This is ALL Seattle has to complain about. “Dreary” weather. What? What dreary weather? We’ve had a total of.. 3-4 days of difficulty in traffic due to weather.

You’re starting to irritate me with your whining, Seattle. Grow up. Really. You have beautiful skies, beautiful plants. Everything is abundant and plentiful here. Ugh. Stop complaining.

In the loveliest of places, I don’t understand how it is people have such terrible attitudes. Have you forgotten what it’s like elsewhere, lovely Seattle? Hmm? I think you have. Shall I play the part of the elder uncle, “I used to walk 3 miles up hill, in the snow! With wind rising to 40 mph and HAIL! It was BEATING MY FACE IN! I tell you. AND I didn’t have any shoes! If I had shoes they have holes in them!”

Shall we do this? Or not.
No one is ever grateful for what they have.
I shake my head at you. Be good. Be grateful. Be happy you live in a thriving economy. Be happy this place allows small businesses to thrive. Be proud people are conscious and good to each other here.

Alright. Enough of my own soap box. *smiles*

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