Lose the Choice, Lose the Freedom

Look! There is the faintest of blues perusing our sky today, Seattle. You know what I am bummed about? No more satsumas. I can’t find them but I’m glad I was introduced to them. Now I have taken a liking to blood oranges and honey oranges. The blood oranges taste a bit like a very orange raspberry. The honey oranges taste a bit like mead. I enjoyed both of these after delicious baby coconut!! Mmmmm! Baby coconuts..

Speaking of babies..
(I freely admit this is a terrible segue)

I read the “Holy Crap” article in this week’s issue of The Stranger. Frankly, I’m appalled. Every human being has a right to knowledge. If you take this away, you take away the freedom to choose. I took a philosophy class in college. After class, I would talk with my professor more about thoughts/opinions I didn’t understand. There is one thing in particular that upset me. Once, in class, we discussed poverty and the mindset of people who live in poverty. Basically, we stood as this on the topic: I believed everyone has the knowledge and capability to make good choices. He thought otherwise. “But there is so much information out there! How can anyone be ignorant?” I asked. But my professor knew something I didn’t.

Not everyone has access to knowledge. Even in America. It shocked me to think this was possible but it’s true. Sometimes, people don’t know how to search or to ask questions. That is why it is important we, as a society, should make sure we do not assume anyone knows all the options when making decisions. Do not assume anything. Even “informed” educated people can be ignorant. It happens all the time.

That is why these “limited service pregnancy centers” are horrifying to me. No matter your personal stance on the topic of abortion, you should never deny anyone information. Take that away and you have taken their freedom to choose away. People who do this disgust me. No matter how difficult the truth is, no matter how horrifying your options might be, you must always present them.

The “limited service pregnancy centers” are Christian run and are not giving clients all the information they need. These centers are not providing prenatal medical care, information about birth control and of course they’re not talking about abortion. They withhold pregnancy test results. Infuriating.

I suggest you read the link to the article I posted above. It’s.. moving and disturbing.

Having a child is a very serious decision. If someone is not ready to have a child then they should not feel as though they have to. We have too many people in the world to bully people into having children.

IF these centers were providing information to all options, I would not have a problem with this. I don’t even care it’s run by Christians. I don’t throw churches and organizations run by faith-based people under the bus. I have seen many good things come from this and my own ethics could never allow for this kind of thinking.. However, you are limiting someone else’s freedom to choose. It’s the very thing this country is founded on.

Shame. On. You.

I’m signing the petition to help put a stop to this nonsense. Join me, fellow Washington residents.


There are lots of fun things in Seattle. One of my favorite things to see? Bicycle polo. 🙂

Bicycle Polo in Cal Anderson Park

One Response to “Lose the Choice, Lose the Freedom”
  1. Mandy says:

    People disgust me. I hope the people of Washington vote down people like those that you mentioned, who would take away the rights of women to have the knowledge they need in order to make the decisions they feel are right for THEM.

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