Seattle’s Irony

15 days ago, Kepler-10b (or the almost a.k.a. The Economist is pushing for, “Vulcan”) was “discovered” right here in our very fair-weathered Seattle. I’m sure they discovered it a bit before announcing it. How cool. Seattlites discovered the “Vulcan.”

Geeks and Nerds RULE!


On my walk to work this afternoon, I was reading The Economist (don’t be impressed. I hardly understand a thing in it and sometimes I think The Economist is written by a bunch of assholes but that’s just me) when I looked up to see a car “crawling” on the street (It was a young man driving slowly). For as many times I have been hit on in this city, I haven’t seen any ways reminiscent of where I grew up: Toledo, OH. For those unfamiliar, Toledo is 45 minutes south of Detroit. In short, it’s ghetto.

This was the most polite “drive-by flirtation” I have ever encountered. First I thought I must have been smiling. This often causes the men to stop.

Ladies in Seattle: You look mean and then complain about the men. Apart from the homeless or drug using individual, most of the men I have been hit on by have been attractive, polite, charming people! And all of them were nice. Yes, even the homeless and even the drug-inspired cat calls. Ladies, what is wrong with you? Seriously. Stop scowling.

But it couldn’t have been smiling since I was reading. I don’t think I’ve ever smiled while concentrating.

Men in Seattle! What is wrong with you?! Why would you stop for a frustrated looking woman?! This is a perpetual cycle. Strange people.

Maybe the drive-by admirers thought The Economist was sexy to read. I have run into that before. Well, I don’t know why they stopped but it put a smile on my face. *laughs* Maybe that’s why they did it! Bah! I have so many theories.

If that is the case then they were sweet people. Seattle is such a good town. As I was walking down the street, the young man now on the sidewalk said, “Well, well, fancy meeting you here!”
“Indeed we have. Makes sense though since I’m still walking in the same direction and you’ve decided to park.”
“It would seem that way.”
We exchanged smiles. I had already told him I wasn’t in the least interested (but thanked him, of course) when he was in his car driving just minutes before so there was no need to do this again. We wished each other a nice day. Seattle is great.

And it was a nice day today.

Seattle's Irony


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