A Bandit Starlet & Peace

The Bandit Starlet

It has been said that to live in  Capitol Hill one should invest in ear plugs. It’s noisy, there is a lot going on, it’s crowded, compact and full of life. People live here. They like to shout their insecurities and loves. This is my favorite neighborhood of Seattle though I love many of them.

This morning I was practicing yoga when the firemen decided to practice their drills. My cat also insists on having my attention. A lot.

It has also been said that a truly peaceful heart will remain peaceful even in chaos.

So a compromise was made. I pet my cat while in various poses not disturbing so much of my concentration. I held her while I meditated. The firemen did their work and we all coexisted in harmony. It was a lovely morning.

Practicing Firemen


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