The Queen Arrives

For months I have been waving to this Queen. She never waves back. I wondered if she thought I was hitting on her and she wanted to be left alone. Well, I know how that feels. Sometimes I sympathized. Other times I was irritated. I only wanted to tell her I liked her outfit. Clothes are not as important to me as some girls, though I do love a nice pair of shoes and cute panties, but when men dress in women’s clothing I feel compelled to support her.

I never what to call cross-dressers. Well, I normally choose to refer to them as girls, ladies or women. This is the part of the Self they are celebrating anyway.

It was an interesting reaction to have. I bet this is how straight men feel when approaching women sometimes. Like Hey, I just wanted to say you looked nice today. That’s all..

Seattle Ladies, I would like to remind you the men here are amazing. Sure they shout stupid things every now and then but they are men and it is considerably less than most places I have lived and visited. They are polite, respectful, crazy about you and thoughtful. Be nice. Throw ’em a bone once in a while, will you? Geez man.

Once I was chatting with a female cashier in a favorite store of mine. She and I were chatting about the men here. I was talking about how I had to learn the Seattle Scowl so that I wouldn’t be hit on quite so much. Except, I can’t really scowl. Not for any length of time and anyway it is so much better to smile! I’m so happy most of the time it’s hard to suppress it. If I wanted to, I could have dates left and right. I could be booked for months (seriously) just because I smile and I’m friendly. The cashier said, “What?! I never get dates.. I never get hit on like that all the time.”

“Well, do you smile?”
“No but that’s because they wont’ leave me alone… It’s my defense!”
“Well, the not smiling thing, the defense, is working. Just remember that.”

I had moments of sympathizing with you, Men of Seattle. I was so curious about this Queen and I was overly friendly. I think she felt slightly threatened.

Yesterday I was chatting with a co-worker and his friend. This friend was quite fun to chat with. I love Bostonites. Love East Coasters! I wanted to be one for a long time but I am not one. My skin isn’t thick enough, I’ll be honest. But I love them. He talked about his job as a steel worker, a construction worker, a Fisherman.. Then he confessed to me he was the Queen I kept waving to. He said, “None of my co-workers know. My family doesn’t know. I live a double life.” He chimed in about watching over young drunk girls who could get themselves into trouble. He gave me kindly advice.

Today the Queen waved back with a shy smile.
What beautiful people there are in this world.


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