A Stranger on the Rail & Other Happenings

Back from vacation, charged and ready to dive back into my home that is Seattle. Te amo, Seattle. You are my heart. Every time I fly back (I tend to travel a lot) and I see the lights or I see the mountains, I see the lay of the land, the surprise of what is sprawled beneath me as we descend through the cloud my heart says, “Ah Seattle. I could be with you forever.”

Last night I took the light rail home from the airport. My sister, my cousin and I were sitting on the train when a middle-aged woman behind us turned around to ask, “Excuse me, can I ask how old you all are?”

I tend to attract weirdos and I was worried this was another case. Once I was talking to a friend at work when a customer felt a need to pray for me because I had been awake all night. She assumed I had been up to sinful things apparently. Well if playing cards and drinking coffee is a sinful then I’m a devil. Anyway, I was worried this was going to turn into a lecture of some kind.

I told her we were all in our mid-twenties. She was happy. She is in the process of moving to Seattle from Phoenix, AZ to settle down into a teaching job. She was delighted to hear about youngins speaking excitedly about books and movies. She said the educational level in AZ is disappointing.

“I moved there because I thought what could be wrong about all of that sun? I forgot to check and see how well the education level was doing there.. It might as well be the 50th worst state in terms of education. I think the literacy rate is 65%.” I’m not sure how true that is but she is a teacher who is feeling refreshed by the change in attitude. She plans to move up here officially at the end of May. “Will the cherry blossoms still be in bloom?” I told her I didn’t know. They seemed to bloom for a long time last season. I wish her luck in her endeavors. I was happy she moved here. It is a wonderful, wonderful city.

They are talking about passing a bill (Bill 5029 through the Senate) to do a trial run with offering wine and beer tasting at 10 different Farmer’s Markets from July 2011 to September 2012.

Washington state has just added its first ever gondola at Crystal Mountain Ski Resort called the Mt. Rainier Gondola. It travels one mile and is a 10 minute ride. Lift tickets with the gondola pass are $73 for adults, $68 for youth and $48 for seniors. Y ou can take the gondola as a foot passenger (i.e. not a skier, snowboarder, etc): $17 for adults, $15 for youth, $10 for seniors and $8 for kiddos. I think the sights are worth it and I am certainly looking forward to heading to Crystal Mountain sometime soon.

I’m happy to be back to our lovely little town. Happy New Year, Seattle. 2011 is lookin’ pretty nice already.


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