Better Than Flowers

Oh man! Did you see The Cascades today?! Talk about a show stopper. I nearly cried on the 5 bus on the way to music lessons. So beautiful. Moves my heart to my throat. It’s too much for me sometimes, Seattle. I’m so in love with you.


Last night I chat with a cabbie who happened to know the guy who randomly bought groceries for me. Admittedly, I was being a flirt and enjoying looking at him (and I think it was reciprocated) but hardly was I hoping he’d purchase groceries for me! I put my things on the belt, just a few items, and he said “We’re together.” *laughs* WHAT?!

My first thought was, “This is the most grandiose form of flirting I have ever seen.”

But the cabbie enlightened me because he knew the guy who bought my groceries (who happens to work where he purchases his coffee for the late night shift). “In our country, this is what we do. It’s not okay for you to pay for it. For us, it is nothing.” *laughs*

.. I’m still floored. Dinner, drinks, sure.. groceries?

I think I like this actually. It’s much more my style. How very “practical.” *laughs* Actually it’s very sweet isn’t it? Food for mah belly that lasts for more than a few hours. I think Americans could learn a few things from other countries.

That melon lasted me for days!

Anyway, my cabbie told me he likes to share his dinner with his coffee guy (my grocery-paid-for guy). “Oh me too! I share with my co-workers. I always bring in way too much food to eat. Can’t leave people hungry. What do you bring in for dinner?”
“Oh.. chicken and rice.. curries sometimes.. I’m basically from New York. You didn’t have to bring food with you there. Everything is open 24/7. Lived there for 20 years.”

Ah New York City.. I love and miss you.. Truly wonderful place.. if only the air wasn’t so dirty.

(I flew from Boise, ID to New York City last year. I fell asleep and woke up with an instinct to wipe the window clean as we were preparing to land at JFK Airport. I tsked.. Why is this window so dirty? How did it get this dirty?! I haven’t been here long! I showered.. sheesh! Oh wait.. that’s the air above the city.)

“But here, nothing is open. So my wife cooks for me and I share my dinner. I used to eat at the McDonalds around Seattle Center..”
“Yeah but that gets old quickly.”
“It does. It’s not so good.”
“Why did you move here to Seattle?”
His wife’s family. Though he misses New York City, as anyone would who has lived there, I think he is happy. I hope so. Because Seattle is a wonderful place.

What are the odds of finding the cab driver who shares his dinner most nights with a guy who bought me groceries many months ago? When my father visited in August, he told me to be careful because Seattle is a big city.

We often argue.
We kind of like it.
“It’s not a big city, Dad.”
“Yes it is! There are millions of people here.”
“Sure.. but it runs like a small town.. It never feels crowded.. and there are all these pockets of neighborhoods.. People know their neighbors, here.”
“You should carry pepper spray.”

I think I sighed.
Well, he might be right. Personally, I think it’s much more utilitarian and useful to be armed with martial arts training than to rely on something outside of myself. Seems more dangerous to hope I get to my pepper spray in time.

I’m surprised he hasn’t shipped me any. Still, I love that this is a “small town” in a big city. Seattle, you just rock it, you know that?


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