A Little Love

Did somebody say Beer-baked Mac ‘n’ Cheese!?!?! YES! Seattle Times, thank you. Obrigada!

And Candy Cane Lane. A Seattle tradition “since 1949.” Don’t miss it 🙂


On the bus this morning, I over heard one guy, barely-not-homeless tell another guy, who I am assuming was the same, talk about this apartment that is provided for him. He was so happy.. He has been staying there since July, he told his friend (and the entire front half of the bus, essentially). I’m happy for him too. Now you have an address. It will be easier to get a minimum wage job. I’m all for helping people when you are willing to work. It seemed like he was willing to do this.


My Starbucks gave me a pound of coffee today. Every time they give me something, I’m always shocked and confused. He had to explain that I could take what he just gave me. *laughs* How.. awesome of my Starbucks 🙂

Bus fares are going up .25 cents. Woohoo!

In unfortunate news, there have been tragic accidents at Pike Place lately. One man obtained recent head injuries before flying to Seattle. He dropped dead at Pike Place. It is rumored his head trauma might have been a partial cause in his death. I don’t know how serious his head injury was but it is a good idea to consult a doctor’s advice if you hit your head and become unconscious before flying. Be safe out there. My condolences to the family left behind.. it is a difficult time to lose a loved one. 😦

Flying Seagull at Alki Beach

Red Shoes at Pike Place Market

Blue Lines & Sweeps

Vespa Love


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