The Man Behind the Carousel


Two posts ago I wrote about the carousel that’s in the Westlake Shopping Center in downtown Seattle. I mentioned there was a snack stand. I felt kind of “bad” I hadn’t checked more into this snack stand. Yesterday morning I decided to stop. I bought doughnuts. Oh, man. I love doughnuts but more than I love doughnuts I love sharing doughnuts. Then I don’t eat as much and I still get to enjoy them.

Doughnuts bring a smile to most faces. Aaaah, doughnuts. You’re so delightful. Then there is the immediate reaction of “Oh no. Doughnuts are bad!” Which is exactly what I said to the man in the food snack cart.

He said, “Oh c’mon. They’re not that bad. They’re fat-free doughnuts!” Then he smiled and I smiled. “Of course they’re not fat-free… I’ll have some.”
“Alright! I’ll make ’em fresh for you.”
He truly looks joyful in convincing people have freshly made cinnamon sugar doughnuts. His blue eyes glistened with cheer and how could I say no to someone who clearly loves what he’s doing? Besides, it’s not like he has a secret evil plan to take over the world by making everyone fat and lazy. Canadians don’t do that. Or, DO they?!

He told me he was from Vancouver.
“This is kind of random thing to do, you know. Just owning a carousel and setting up a food cart simply because you enjoy it?”
He told me, “Well, I’m part of a carnival called West Coast Amusements. This is our off-season.”

He has brought his food cart and carousel down to Seattle for 10 years for the entire month of December though New Year’s.
“We just love it! We love it so much down here!”

Am I too big to ride the carousel? I think I’d like to. He offers more than just doughnuts. Fries too and a few other things (I believe corn dogs? I don’t remember). But the doughnuts were just awesome. A med fry size bag of freshly made, hot doughnuts from a friendly, joyous Canadian.

Have I ever told you how much I love Canadians? I’m such a sucker. I love them. They’re so polite and “happy.”

And doughnuts. Such a happy thing. Doughnuts.
How .. many times will I write doughnuts?
I shared my cinnamon sugar doughnuts with the people at my favorite Starbucks. I love those people. I like that they’re part of my day. I like people. I like the small town feel of Seattle. I like it’s doughnuts too. Need to try the one at Pike Place.

Just thought I’d share some happiness with you, reader. 🙂


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