A Typical Morning Walk

This morning I decided to take my camera into work with me. It’s a “big” camera (i.e. doesn’t fit in my pocket) and I ride the bus so I don’t make the decision lightly. It’s been months since I’ve gone out to take pictures and I miss it. It’s a favorite pastime. I feel something is missing when I don’t have it with me. The world takes on a different layer when have taken the time to see things through a camera. The trees’ shadows sprawled across buildings or lying on the sidewalk, the lights reflecting off the buildings and shapes of the world razzle dazzle you.

I was running around trying to find the Bank of America on 4th between Seneca and Spring or was it University? I never can remember. The wind was high this morning! I used to hate the wind. There are a lot of things I used to hate that I now love. Like green beans.

One Response to “A Typical Morning Walk”
  1. Mandy says:

    These are lovely. 🙂

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