It’s the Most Wonderful Time

It’s that time of year. People are out shopping; Macy’s plays the familiar tunes redone by the old and newly famous; soft lights line the streets and that guy shuffles his way over asking for more money.. Oh wait, that’s every day and has nothing to do with Christmas. He always shuffles right up to you saying something incoherent. First, I thought he was pretending but I see him on the 3 and 4 bus lines a bit. I think he’s legit or really dedicated.

I hear that Seattle isn’t really into the holidays. I’m not much of holiday enthusiast but I do enjoy what the holidays bring out. I was glad to see Seattlites aren’t the Scrooges they pretend to be. They are cute, aren’t they? I just love them.

This past friday I attended a Microsoft Christmas party. I have to say I feel like I’m “doing Seattle proper” just because I attended. It seems like a thing to do in Seattle at some point if you can.

They warned me there would be awkward drunkenness. Everyone has different degrees of meaning. I saw nothing but entertainment and people having a great time. Then again, it’s not like I work there or anything. It would be weird to see my middle aged boss gettin’ his/her groove on in a “not so sure this fits the scene” sort of way. But they had such a great time! I was happy for the awkward people. How often do they get to let loose like that?

You’d think a single girl dancing by herself would be a magnet for unattached, available individuals. I forgot. This isn’t the club. It’s a company party. Most are married or with someone. I’m not a shy girl but suddenly I felt strange gesturing with inquiring eyes, “Wanna dance?” So I settled to simply enjoy dancing by myself (which was amazing, by the way; no harrassment/beating off the hounds). Lucky me though. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy dancing by myself I did not end the night without a dancing partner. It was a great time.

Oh! Also, I saw Good Charlotte. I’m not really a fan but it was still pretty cool to see them. I guess fame gets to me a little bit after all.

The carousel pictured above is located in Westlake shopping center in downtown Seattle. There’s a great little cart next to it with goodies to eat and drink too. It’s a fun time. I’m glad it’s here. Can’t wait to ride it 🙂

3 Responses to “It’s the Most Wonderful Time”
  1. Mandy says:

    It all sounds wonderful. 🙂

  2. Seattleite says:

    Wow, just last night I took the very same photo of the carousel, but mine included the goodie shack on the left in full view!!

    (still seems funny) Probably took my photo shortly before 6pm on Monday.

  3. Isn’t it great?! I love it down there. I wish I had included the good shack. Did you get a chance to eat there? I’m curious. Maybe I should rate it *laughs*

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