“Big Scare:” Choppers and Snow

Seattle University is partnering with The City of Seattle’s Office of Emergency Management along with the National Guard and other safety organizations/programs to test things out. Don’t fret. It’s not the big scary snow storm everyone seems to be freaked out about.

Today I spoke with a woman named Betty at a Bartell Drugs (Seattle’s own local drug store chain) who said she wasn’t coming into work if it snowed this weekend. She lives up north, where it is expected to fall, and lives at the top of a hill. Mighty scary for an older lady. Can’t blame her.

Snow is a fairly big deal here. People still talk about the “big dump” of snow they received two winters ago. Streets shut down. No one showed up for work and though no one admits it, I wouldn’t be surprised if they prepared for it in blizzard fashion. Stashing away canned goods and the like.

In Seattle, the word snow=boo!

The other day, a temp worker for a plumber company asked me, “Do you know what the chances of it are raining tomorrow?”
“I never check the weather. It constantly changes here. Last week they predicated all rain for a long stretch. We had all sun except for 2 days.”

But over the next 4 days there is something we should be concerned about. An arctic “spill” is heading our way. Our temperature highs are expected to drop into the 30s which means temperatures in the freezing range. This is what everyone is nervous about.

As for driving, obviously Seattlites don’t have to worry about snow tires or tire chains. There are many driving tips for driving in the snow/ice but the major one is don’t speed. It requires patience. Plan ahead this weekend. Give yourself an extra 10 minutes. Give yourself lots of room between you and other cars. Most of all, pay attention and remain calm. Basically, follow all the rules drivers typically ignore. Not safe to ignore those when driving in snow or ice.

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