Starbucks Customer of the Week!

Last week I was surprised when Tom asked me if I would like to be customer of the week. Customer of the week.. I have never been a customer of the week anywhere that I can recall. That is something someone would remember right? My head felt slow and sluggish.. “So wait, what is that?” “You get a free drink daily.” I think I furrowed my brow. How did I become customer of the week at my Starbucks?

Yep. I have a Starbucks. In my mind, it is kind of “my” Starbucks. I don’t go anywhere else if I can help it. I love my Starbucks. Don’t get elitest on me. Psst, you know what? I’m a coffee snob and I love Starbucks.. I’m coming out of the closet. I even have a Starbucks rewards card! Yowsa! How did this happen? The people. It’s easy, convenient and the people are awesome at my Starbucks.

Building rapport goes a long way.

They even let me know when my favorite tea is in. Tazo’s green tea with lemongrass and spearmint.

I went to my sister’s Starbucks recently, ordered my usual drink and then made a I-like-my-own-stuff face. My sister inquired. “My Starbucks knows I don’t like whip cream in my drink.” She rolled her eyes and we grinned. I realize it is my responsibility as a customer to ask for no whip cream but I became comfortable in my routine.

So I was customer of the week. I have proof, see? It was awesome. More than awesome. I think I smiled even more all week long.

2 Responses to “Starbucks Customer of the Week!”
  1. Sarah Stephens says:

    That’s awesome! I’m such a coffee snob. I love Starbucks. But after working in a coffee shop for several months now, I’m starting to be swayed by Seattle’s Best. Ugh…though the service at Sbucks is always fabulous so it’s a tough decision which one wins the battle : )

    I think it’s great that your baristas know your name and order! I’m trying to make that connection with my regulars so that getting their drink right is just a little highlight in their day.

  2. Neither one is “great coffee.”

    Come to Seattle and I will show you REAL coffee!! *laughs* I just enjoy the convenience of Starbucks and the people are great. 🙂 Plus I put syrup in Starbucks coffee so it doesn’t matter anyway. And I like the taste of burnt things as it is.

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