Starbucks: You win

In a fit of irritation over fickle internet, I made my way down to Half-Price Book Store on Olive and Belmont in Capitol Hill. I got off the 43 and began to make my way to cross the street.. when I passed the Starbucks.

Not an usual thing to say in Seattle but I have been watching this one. For 2 months it has been under construction. I was surprised to see there were people in it! What? It’s open already? Good grief! Didn’t you just lay the foundation a few weeks ago? Starbucks is like the Waffle House of the Northwest-simple to build quickly! It’s like a virus!

And I’ve caught it. I’m so ashamed myself. Me, coffee whore.. er, lover, I meant. Lover, whore, same difference.

Look, they have good and healthy snacks!!! *sigh* What am I supposed to do?! It’s quick, it’s easy, relatively healthy and they’re everywhere ..

I’ve come to a conclusion friends. Starbucks is the anti-Seattle. Seattle doesn’t really have .. massive chains. McDonalds? IHOP? Bob Evans? Applebees? Tim Hortons? It hardly exists here! There are pockets of it, of course but it seems they are built to please the college students more than anything. Seattle is mom and pop coffee shops, boutiques and specialty stores. It’s shopping, in what I imagine to be, the “old ways.” Forget Wal-mart or Target. Okay, they do have Wal-Greens here but they are currently protesting them.

Starbucks is exactly what Seattle is not. I don’t know how Starbucks began or what it was when it began but I think it cannot be anything like what it was.. There is no way Starbucks began with a “Venti mocha-make it soy and soy whip cream” crap.

I do refuse to say venti. I don’t know why. Call it the childish rebellion persona in myself but I can’t do it. “A large.” “Grande?” “Whatever the biggest one is.” Don’t try to make say your fluffiness, Starbucks! I wont’ have it!… But I will have your pumpkin spice latte with no whip cream. Thanks.

So I ventured into the “new” Starbucks on Olive, just west of Belmont (just walk down the hill). I was floored. Dark velvet curtains pulled back, gorgeous wood interior, so many people sitting down at little tables reminding me of a restaurant and a.. wait,what? … They serve alcohol?! Yes! They have wine and beer for your drinking pleasure. Open until 11pm on weekdays and midnight on weekends, I believe. Open at 5am.

They had their usual snack packs and then some! A mediterranean platter, a salami tray?! What?! I was beside myself. This is too much for me, Starbucks. I’m now sliding so easily over to the dark side. Dried fruit backs, “southwest cashews”.. I don’t know what to do with myself.

Turns out, it is not a new Starbucks. They shut down to remodel it. Well, that was a very smart move because I have never seen a Starbucks like this one. It is worth mentioning.

Straight across (the backside) of my favorite bookstore. *sigh* I am in trouble.

One Response to “Starbucks: You win”
  1. Mandy says:

    Very very nice. 🙂 I wish we had a Starbucks like that here!

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