Black “something” and it’s delicious

I keep calling it a black boot which I suppose makes sense. Isn’t there a song about a black boot. Oh no, I think it’s a mother with black shoes. I’m unsure but the restaurant I am talking about is the Black Bottle on 1st and Vine in Belltown. 

Photo was goggled and not my own


It seems I have had many friends and family members come to visit with me in the last few months. I love to show people around my new home town but I have noticed a pattern: I stick to my favorite places and my favorite neighborhood. I confess I play favorites. I can’t help that Pine St. has my favorite bookstore, pizza place, record store, ice cream spot and most importantly my favorite coffee shop. I branched out and tried a new bookstore: Half-Price Books! OH man! I need to talk about that spot later. See, continuing to explore and try new things is important! 

Two weekends ago, another friend of mine came to visit for a few days. Instead of sticking to my usual spots I gush about I decided to try a new restaurant. 

I have never known broccoli to taste so good. I am a fan of broccoli but I believe anyone would be a fan of broccoli after tasting The Black Bottle’s rendetion of it. It seems to me they steam it, then sautee it in garlic, salt and some kind of brown sauce. It’s crunchy and deliciously moist. If nothing else, you must have that. 

The most important thing to know about The Black Bottle’s menu is that you do not order a meal. You order dishes. It’s best to go with 3 or more people, order a few things and try it all out. 

We had the brie leek french country pesto flatbread, natural hanger steak and daikon/shiso, seven spice shrimp and as I mentioned earlier blasted broccoli. 

You could cut the steak with a spoon. The flatbread was filling and tasty. I was surprised the shrimp was too spicy for me. It felt like overkill but perhaps thats just me. There were so many things I didn’t get to try but I certainly do have plans to go back to explore a bit more. 

The food is imaginative without losing grasp on a common ground for people. I like that. 

Each of the plates we ordered were about $8-12 a piece. We each tried the “Second Summer” drink: tequila, grapefuit, lemon, soda. It was dangerous; in a good way. *grins* 

The service was on top of it too even though it was quite busy. We were there on a Saturday night around 8pm. We didn’t make a reservation (I suggest you do if you go on the weekend) and were a little worried our wait would actually be 30 minutes as the host told us but we were seated only 10 minutes later. It wasn’t so bad. 

Also, I was a little worried about the neighborhood. From what I’ve gathered so far, I’ve not heard many “good” things about Belltown. Personally, it doesn’t really suit my tastes. It’s a bit too “yuppie” for me.. too white-corporate-kahki-starbucks-drinking-lame-pick-up-lines-from-long-ago-frat-boys for my tastes.. 

(Yes, there was some of that when I picked up my drinks for my girlfriends at the bar and in the conversation next to us at dinner).. but I had a great time. The service was good, the food was good, the drinks were good and I was very glad I stayed to try it out. 

Thumbs up, Black Bottle.


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