Ottmar Liebert: Happy Zombie

Okay, so this isn’t strictly a Seattle thing but I saw Ottmar Liebert at the Trip Door July 21, 2010. Yes. My review is very late. A lot has been happening.. and this is a very candid, relaxed review anyway.. well, it might get a little huffy. Actually, I can guarantee you it will because the concert infuriated me.

As soon as something is labeled as “jazz” the audience changes their attitude. They honor it whether it deserves it or not. I suppose measuring quality is tricky business and I hate to dive in here but damn.. this concert sucked and I have to say it.

I can sum it up with one fact: Wind chimes were used in 5 different songs in less than an hour. None of which he introduced until the end of the night. It was like listening to a spanish guitar version of Yanni. The more they clapped and begged for an encore the more infuriated I felt.

What IS this you’re playing Ottmar?

This is not jazz. I hope he is not calling himself a jazz musician and this is just his marketer that calls him a jazz musician.

I should have known better. Sorry Dad but the older I get the more I realize how very different our thoughts and taste in music are. This sucked .. I knew I wasn’t seeing a straight player. I knew that.. I knew what his sound was like.. but it had been years since I heard him and just bought the ticket without thinking.. Well, okay, I thought a bit. I thought, “Oh, I’ll go see this for my Dad since he loves him so much and won’t that be nice?”

I’m not a jazz elitist. I can get down with Christina Aguilera (yes, I said it. Shush. That girl can sing her ass off). I can appreciate Fergi and.. Weather Report (Look, fellas.. I still strongly feel that Weather Report was a bunch of great musicians dancing dangerously close to cheese. A little too close for comfort sometimes but it’s a bit cheesy and blush a little every time I say, “I like Birdland.”) I’m drawing a blank here. I know thats a random list of people to name.. It’s just what popped to my mind initially.

The point is I can like and appreciate pop and cheese.. Even Lady Gaga gets me goin’ sometimes. Man, can’t believe I’m publicly writing this.

This Ottmar Liebert concert was a disaster. They looked like happy zombies. And the crowd roared. They ROARED! WHAT?! How can you feel anything for these people. Look at them!

Oh god. Just seeing that photo makes me mad. It wasn’t until the end of the concert I realized the drummer (Ottmar was playing with Luna Negro) might’ve been frustrated too.. Poor kid wanted to jump out but couldn’t. Happy Zombie music doesn’t let you.

I had so many things I wanted to say about this night.. Perhaps I’ll link to a proper article about it.. Yeah, Look for that in an hour. Just sad. So sad.


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