Sea Kayaking at Deception Pass

“The Maiden of Deception Pass was brought down into the water by a sea god.” “Of course. There are so many stories about this.” “But she wasn’t taken against her will. She wanted to go into the water but her father refused. And by the way, of course this wasn’t just any maiden this was the chief’s daughter.” I laughed. “Of course.” “So the father kept refusing and the sea god warned him he would take away the sea food if he did not give him the daughter. The chief refused and eventually the food became more scarce.”

We were floating in our 3 person kayaks, our 5 person group split into 2 kayaks, listening to our tour guide, Melinda.  “But not to worry.. Eventually the chief gave in, the maiden became the sea god’s bride and the food was plentiful. She watches over her people and makes sure they have food.”

It was a beautiful afternoon. Clear blue skies revealed after a strange string of fog covering the area.  I have never been kayaking, let alone sea kayaking. As far as I can tell it isn’t too different from ‘regular’ kayaking. Whatever that would mean. We were in a relatively quiet area and only had to deal with waves caused by boats. I’m sure sea kayaking (and isn’t there a a whitewater kayaking? Yep; there is) can get a little crazier but this was mild. So mild I didn’t freak out being in the water with my legs bent up inside of the kayak, the water skirt snug around the top of the hole I was sitting in. So mild, getting near the cave was a little much for me..

But there was bull kelp I could play with. One person in our group wore it on his forehead; I ate it. It was tasty. Melinda said, “Go ahead. Eat it. It’s like a salty cabbage.” It was!

She pointed out the pigeon gillemot and how funny they look when diving into the water because of their red feet. 

But a little caveat to keep in mind when sharing a kayak: Make sure you are kayaking with people who have harmonious work ethic. *laughs* It was funny, really, but it’s a challenge to paddle in between two people who have completely differnet paddling speed. I told the tour guide, “I feel like the child in the middle of a divorce.”

There were more birds to she pointed out and more stories she told us but the beauty was so much .. it didn’t matter to remember it all.

Our lovely guide, Melinda, was a tour guide for the Anacorte’s Kayak Tour. We did the hour and a half but I highly suggest you take a longer tour if possible. Even if you have never kayaked before you likely will not tire out too much (if you are, you can rest and let the current carry you a bit) and you won’t want to come off the water after an hour and a half. It felt like we were just getting started.

Don’t forget to tip your guide. 🙂

2 Responses to “Sea Kayaking at Deception Pass”
  1. Mandy says:

    Sounds beautiful. 🙂 Too bad you couldn’t take your camera. 😉

  2. Just wanted to also let you know I decided to make my own blog about my own city. You inspired me. 😉

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