Nibbling on Seattle

“Oooh yeah..  So I need to have corn, something meaty and bbqish…ooh! Look! A baby coconut! Mmmmmm.. Oh look! Frozen bananas! Alligators?! Korean Fish tacos and who is that guy in the giant chicken suit?”

This is how my adventures at Bite of Seattle began. Unfortunately for me I was only able to make it out one day but it was an absolute blast. How can  you go wrong with music, food, and not so many drunks? Actually that was something I really noticed: the lack of drunk people. I like drunk people but not having them there was refreshing and a nice change of scenery at a festival.

I was out when the sun was out. It was perfect.

My friends and I heard a little pop rock, a little down home classic rock (which was incredibly depressing), a Bruce Springsteen wanna-be (which isn’t such a bad guy to assimilate-the poser was quite enjoyable) and Andrew Vait who was filling in for the band, Handful of Lovin’, because they were stuck in traffic.

You have to give props to someone who plays Nina Simone and then two songs later plays “Billy Jean.” Goodness, I was impressed. I plan on seeing him in concert again with his band, Andrew Vait and the Eternal Fair.

After Andrew Vait filled in the funk “inspired jazz” band, Boomerang Summer rocked it out. It was fun. You can’t go wrong with funk, usually.. but boy do they have a lot of depressing topics in their lyrics. Then I think, Well who says you can’t talk about sad, frustrating things like “loneliness” and “was it ever me in charge of my time” and mention of religion in funk? You can. I just feel they needed more lyrical finesse.

Hats off to them though for playing a medly of “Kiss” by Prince (and the guitar player completely pulled it off, served it well) into “Pass the Peas”..  which made me shout and holla. Check out their song “Breathe” on the link above. Thumbs up.

Oh.. did I mention the guy in the chicken suit? I did, I did, I recall I did. Don’t worry, he wasn’t flying in that one. He was down on the ground posing with people and against “plumping the chicken.” 

I wish I had gone to the Bite of Seattle for more than one day because there was so much food I wanted to consume! I did get to have a pulled pork sandwich from Dave’s famous BBQ, roasted corn on the cob, a sip of baby coconut and strawberry lemonade AND a frozen banana.. Oh, and a fish taco too.. but not the korean one. I didn’t get to the cat fish or the fruit shishkabab..

But I did get my palm read. *grins*
Apparently, I am brilliant.

Hey look.. I’m just the messenger.


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