Dilettante: Heaven ain’t got nothin’ on this here

Ginger chocolate, sea salted caramel, hazelnut espresso, chocolate peppercorn, mocha, mint.. tuca lemon drop, sparkling pear.. and that’s just the martinis..

It’s like a “candy store” of chocolately decadence. It was everywhere and perfectly balanced. I have never had chocolate like this. I have never had chocolate so crafted before.. Chocolate is good all it’s own. I am no stranger to the “good” chocolate, the expensive chocolate, a personal favorite being the chocolately of chocolate: bitter, dark chocolate. How many more times can I write chocolate? A lot.

Drooling over the window of truffles, I almost missed the sign that said “Please wait to be seated.” We sit down here? What the hell else is here? And then I saw the menu.. The usuals like German Chocolate Cake, Cheesecake, Creme Brulee (please don’t chastise for not using the accents. I still haven’t figured out how to do this on the lap top ha ha! and I do not have the patience to find the keystroke-it’s painful on the lap top), Tiramisu, Bread Pudding.. It’s a nice desert place. You expect those things..

The word dilettante means “a dabbler” in things.. someone who likes to poke their finger in a few different areas and see what they come up with.. It’s having a love for so many things you must touch them all and the name for this desert place suits it..

My friends and I had the tiramisu. It wasn’t great. It was cakey. It should have been spongey but I truly didn’t care (because hardly anyone makes a good tiramisu anyway) because this place truly lived up to it’s name. It does dabble in many things. There is ice cream, shakes, coffee, hot chocolate (including a Mexican hot chocolate), quiche, hungarian crepes and boy do I have to try the Dilettante classic breakfast: eggs, potatoes, toast and hemplers ham, sausage or bacon. I’m there.

So I’m okay with a “not correct” tiramisu because you can’t be good at everything and I know dabblers, because I’m a dabbler. It’s part of the whole package..

That sea salt caramel martini knocked me out. I shall have to remember to drink it slower next time.. My friend had the ginger chocolate martini and I wasn’t surprised by it’s sublime taste. Clearly, Delittante has it down.


Go there soon. Please, whatever you do if you’re in the area. Go.

I went to the one on Broadway.

For those too lazy to click the link:
Dilettante on Broadway
538 Broadway Ave East
Seattle, WA 98102

Mon–Thu: 5pm-11pm
Fri: 5pm-1am
Sat: 10am to 1am 
Sun: 10am to 11pm   


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