Seattle Center’s Fizzle over Bastille Day

I expected drunk people meandering around, pot smokers giggling, food and bead crafting in abundance.. I expected sun. This wasn’t a completely naive thought. I have been to festivals down by the Seattle Center a few times this summer. I thought the Bastille Festival held there this past Sunday would be something similar.  It was not even close.

It was held indoors, a few streamers of red, blue and white hung from the rafters, dangling over a few booths. There was a photo contest but everything was surrounded by a fast food court. I don’t know about you but Starbucks and Orange Julius kind of kill the mood for a celebration of the Frenchy French for me. And no one was there.

Well except for a few parents and the friendly homeless guy who just needed a place to crash for a few minutes. He seemed to be having a good time.

That poor guy up on stage. He was a trooper, that one. I only heard him stumble once. Good job.. It’s hard to speak in front of a dead, unenthused crowd. I could tell he worked hard on that speech.

The Legos were the coolest thing there. Eh. Apparently the place to be the Public Market on Bastille Day. Count me in.

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