The Egyptian Theatre

I had one shot left at seeing a movie during SIFF (Seattle International Film Festival. It takes place all over town). I’m not a movie buff but I do love a good film. My friend and I picked Cargo. Cargo is a Swedish Sci-Fi thriller with a hint of Matrix (okay, a lot of Matrix) paranoia. It was fun, it was bearable until the romance scenes became so ridiculous it left a sour taste in my mouth (Two people twirling out in space, grasping onto each other. He’s telling her to let him go and she refuses. “But I love you!” or something like that is said. She lets go, he spins off into space.. Doesn’t that make you nauseas?)..

I had never been in the Egyptian Theatre before and was surprised to see it was an actual theatre! I sat up top in the balcony. It didn’t seem like there would be a bad seat in the house… So okay, I don’t have notes on the architecture or the history of the place (except that it was built in 1915)..

But I do have word on something that intrigues me..
Their candy.


The thing is.. the first night their popcorn wasn’t that great. It was definitely buttery but I couldn’t taste any salt. So I went to go see MicMac (a new film by Jeunet who also directed the movie, Amélie) and asked if they put salt on their popcorn. They said .. “Yes we do.” Okay, well we’ll see about that..

That was some salt. It was like table salt… I’m perplexed by their salt but while I am a (sometimes) keen observer I’m not so picky and pleased about lots of things.. So rest assured.. the popcorn is fine but not amazing (just letting all the giant popcorn fans out there know… these things are important)

The drink holder is in front of the seat you sit in.. if you sit on the main floor (which I did during my 2nd experience) but if you sit up top there are not any. Again, these things are very important.

Okay so the BEST part about this theatre are the films they show. Lots of independent, foreign and classic films (including a discounted midnight showing for a discounted price). Regular tickets are $10 and midnight showings are .. well cheaper. I think it’s $8.75 or something like that.. It wasn’t a big discount but again.. if such things are important to you.. well you’d probably like a more accurate answer and I’m not being very helpful.

Also, great stuff around this theatre. Broadway is just one block up so there is plenty to eat and if you head toward downtown there are such delicious places like Molly Moon’s and Mama’s pizza of which I frequent.. oh and Bauhaus (the coffee shop you will most likely find me at). *grins*


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