Andrew Keegan Spotting

I went to visit with an ex-coworker this past Monday afternoon at her new place of work, Baltic Room. I ordered a cup of coffee while I waited for her to finish with a customer. It seemed to go on for a while and then when I was chatting with her I could tell she was still distracted. Finally I asked her, “Whats going on?” She didn’t say very much which I took to mean.. well, she couldn’t say anything or wasn’t sure what to say.

The customer was asking someone about the game that evening. He said good-bye and I turned to wave good-bye as well. He flashed a very white smile. My mouth dropped.

I couldn’t place who it was for the time being but I knew that I definitely recognized him. Minutes later, my ex-coworker and I figured it out. It was Andrew Keegan from 10 Things I Hate About You.

A teen heartthrob from the ’90s with a few acting roles here and there. He wasn’t a super star but a star. It was a very cool moment.

Did you ever notice how much Keanu Reeves and Andrew Keegan look similar? I thought he was Keanu at first! *laughs*


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