Bauhaus Coffee

So the next thing on the list is finding the neighborhood coffee shop. Technically, I haven’t found one in my area.. and I can’t say it is “my” place for sure since there are a lot of other places to check out-it never stops; it is endless. But I love the Bauhaus: Coffee + Books shop down in Capitol Hill on Melrose and Pine. The back wall is lined with old library books (so sexy, so sexy)..

As a head’s up, my camera was stolen last weekend sooo.. we’ll have to settle for other people’s photos for now 😦 Until I get a new one. *le sigh*.. However, I think I know how to raise money for a new camera *grins* .. I miss taking photos, really.


The coffee is good but it is Seattle, would you expect any less? They play great music all day long.. variety of all kinds.. I swear I heard “She’s a Bad Mama Jama,” “Iko Iko” (Hey now, your grandma and my grandma are sittin’ by the fire.. You know it)..  Led Zepplin, “Amadeus” is on right now.. It is anything and everything.. that was popular. Not too much indie stuff but still its fun.

There are many pastries to choose from: strawberry peach scone, maple bar, donughts, almond poppyseed muffin.. You name it.. They have something interesting..  The service is pleasant and good.

The best part of this place, besides what I’ve mentioned, is the view from the upper floor.. You can see the space needle, the mountains, downtown and not to mention the general fun of people watching. Truly, this is a great place. Check it out 🙂

Psst. Not to mention the brick bathroom wall is too much fun.. That sounds creepy but I don’t want to give it away.. so i’m leaving it as a creepy comment. 😀


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