‘Arry Potta Room

It was pouring just 10 minutes before this photo.

(but that kind of would be true in my case)

I was down in the Red Square at the University of Washington (or as the locals call it, u-dub) when it was recommended to me I check out the Harry Potter room. ‘Arry Potta! Anyway, there is a study room in the library of U-Dub that reminds some of the kiddos of Harry Potter movies.. Being a library fan and a Harry Potter fan, I decided this would probably be a fun thing to see.

I wasn’t there for very long so I didn’t get to poke around much but its pretty to look at, no? I think a books lining walls and pretty windows will never grow tiring to enjoy. But I had to be quiet and keep it to myself.. since people were studying.

2 Responses to “‘Arry Potta Room”
  1. Mandy (l'amour) says:

    This is beautiful! Where is this located in the University itself? I definitely want to see if I ever come visit before I move or when I do eventually move. :-p

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