The “Red Light District”

“Are you Irish?”
I should know better than to answer this the morning after St. Patty’s Day..
“Have you read this book called..”
I’m not paying attention .. Its about some of the injustices that happened to the Irish people.

She goes on to mention that I should know more about the in justices of my people.
“A lot of people were treated unfairly. Through every culture.”
I pull out my book. Clearly, I do not want to chat.
“Want me to tell you a book about red heads?”
I looked her right in the eyes.


She was taken aback. Seattlites do not care for direct confrontation.


The Red Light District is not what you think.. at least, not in America anyway. Are you kidding? We’re too stiff and flustered for that (it takes time dear, we just have to coax them, sooooothe them .. mwahahaha! .. *ahem*). Here in Seattle, The Red Light District is a used clothing store.. a mixed bag of vintage, modern quirky stuff, big jewelry, buttons, styles of shoes spanning over at least 3 decades, wedding dresses and occasionally just “old” stuff too.

Quite possibly this was my favorite thing in the store.. I never knew Unicorns were so vindictive..

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