Tarik Abouzied Organ Trio @ The Triple Door

This past Wednesday, March 10th, I went to Nelda Swiggette’s CD release party for This Time Around at Tula’s. It was my first night out in Seattle’s jazz scene and to be honest with you, I was a tad disappointed. The music was enjoyable but not inspiring. Good but not great. Fine enough for impressing a date and enjoying dinner conversation. Not only that, the waiters were more interested in speaking with each other than staying on top of their job. I’m not sure why that is the norm for jazz clubs but I have yet to be impressed-of course, I’ve never been to one in NYC, so take my words with a grain of salt.

A friend of mine insisted I accompany him to see the Tarik Abouzied Organ Trio play at The Triple Door. He said it would be groovin’, it would slammin’ and it was certainly something I needed to wash the displeasing taste from earlier in the week.

Consider my palette cleansed. I was shakin’ my tail, gruntin’ and groovin’ in my seat the entire time. Locked in and steady, Tarik (on drums), Joe Doria (on hammond organ) and Brendan O’Donnell (on guitar) “laid it down” as they listened to and with each other. Its what live music should be like in my humble opinion. People couldn’t still. They danced, they shouted and it makes me wish we still listened to jazz the way we used to: in seedy clubs where one really could get down.. if you know what I mean. Yes, friends, it was THAT sexy.

The organ may have been playin’ but this certainly wasn’t church appropriate.

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